Ready for the summer!

It’s been really too long since I past by here the last time. I do apologize for it, because I wanted to keep that active, but…you know when you want to do something but then you never find the good moment?

That’s what happened to me. There’s always something else to do. And we are having kind of good weather lately, so whenever we can go out for a longer walk…I clearly prefer it! Specially if we find something to play with 😀


After all that playing, and thinking that soon I’ll be in Badajoz (where 40 degrees every day is the usual in summer), it was time for a good haircut!


This time it wasn’t hand-stripping, but the result is pretty good. I feel totally revitalized, willing to play the whole day. Thanks for the grooming Olivier!

Hope to see you soon! I’ll try to post some more pics during this vacations.



Weekend with friends

Woody around the wood house

Last weekend we enjoyed the Ballyhoura mountains with some friends 😁

Jack (Rhodesian Ridgeback) was very funny and active! He’s much bigger than me. But also younger, so he’s still a bit shy sometimes.

Woody and Jack playing inside

As in many mountains, there was a small river, with cold (freezing) water. Jack easily crossed the river a few times, back and forth simply jumping a couple of times…For me however it was much harder , too deep 😋

Woody doubting if it was worth going into the water

Jack is in the water… Who’s next?

Woody & Jack – There we go!

Woody & Jack – Someone’s faster

We had a little bit of rain (we’re in Ireland!) But also a few lovely sun rays 😎

Woody & Jack – It’s so nice to feel the sun

Woody – Exploring the forest

When you’re used to walk on city or parks. It’s amazingly nice to be immerged on pure nature. 

The air is the first thing that feels different. But then, there are so many things to smell, textures to feel on my paws and noises to enjoy.

Woody – Who’s coming there?

Woody – I hear something there

Woody – selfie! 🤳

After playing that much, it was time to relax…

Jack – I’m fine here!

Jack – Now, that’s life

Woody & Jack – lying on the carpet

Saturday morning was again more games, running, hunting (kind of), trying to cross the river, avoiding big muddy puddles… And receiving treats from the kids 😁

I’m an artist! 

First weeks with my new family. First visit to the vet.

We’re back in last days of September of 2012. My family had been looking for a Scottish Terrier since the middle of the summer, without luck. It seems that we are quite scarce and hard to find.

I arrived home by messenger and thinking about it now… it was quite funny. My human mum opened my box and put a couple of bowls with food and water. However, she didn’t took me out because she thought my teeth were too big and she was scared 😛 . From my eyes… she was the really big one!

2012-09-27 21.44.33

I spent the whole day inside my cage because I was totally scared of my new home. When my human dad arrived from work, he took me out and we all started meeting each other.

The first days were very cool, they wanted to play with me all the time. I had a comfortable place to sleep, good food… the only problem was that I didn’t know how to wait to make my things outside. Said otherwise my humans were “a little bit busy” cleaning several times per day.

My first visit to the vet can’t be described as scary. I was very confident with my family, so I knew nothing bad could happen. The vet looked at me upside down, put me a couple of injections including something called “chip”, and gave my humans a blue book. The refer to it like “my passport”.

2012-09-27 21.52.47

The vet said I was well for a 3-4 months’ puppy. Really? I was already almost 6 months old! Then they looked at my papers together to check my birthday date, they looked and my teeth… and yes. I was a 6 months Scottish Terrier with the size and weight of a 4 months one :-/

My humans were then a little bit worried. I didn’t know how to run or jump, or even bark. I was very silent (although they’ve always liked that from me) and very slow. They were sad because probably my breeder wasn’t taking very good care of me before. At least I was eating very well now!

On the first month at home I doubled my weight and grew to my normal dimensions for my age. I learnt to run and play with other dogs on the neighbourhood… despite they were all very big.

I loved to play fetch with the ball, and to find hidden treats at home. But making my things outside… I still needed some months…uhm…I preferred the calm and intimacy of my home.

Probably I should have mentioned that going on the car is not my favourite thing. I wasn’t lucky with that. We went somewhere almost every weekend! The good part is that quite often it was the countryside. I love being on the countryside! Especially when I can dig.

Did you know that terrier on my breed name comes from that? We love digging and going into holes.

I leave you some pics from that period. Feel free to comment and, don’t worry I already know my look wasn’t terrible…an earlier visit to the groomer  would have been a good idea 😛

See you soon!

It was cold today… But soooo nice!

When we went for a walk yesterday night I had the feeling that it was pretty cold. Manolo (that’s my human dad) closed his coat and was complaining about the cold wind. “It seems like it could snow tonight” he said.

And well, it wasn’t proper snow…but we’ve had a fresh start this morning!

I like watching the snow flakes covering the cars and roofs… but god I really love feeling the grass crunching under my paws when I’m running 😀

And the sun! today we even had sun rays… that’s not very common in Ireland 😛

That’s how morning walks should be!


I’m Woody! Welcome to my diary

Hi everybody! My name’s Woody as you can see I’m a Scottish Terrier. Next April I’ll be 5! so I think it’s a great moment to start sharing my memories, pics and videos with you all 🙂

I love my human family and I know they also love me a lot. I arrived home near 4 and a half years ago and since them we’ve moved to 3 different towns.


First I went to Badajoz, a warm city in the South of Spain (too hot), then we moved to Madrid (I liked the capital!) and we’re currently living in Dublin (Ireland). And that is in addition to weekends and holidays… I really never told them I don’t like the car that much :-S

When I arrived home I barely knew how to walk. So lots of things to learn and always willing to play.

I will talk you about all that and much more in the next posts.

Please don’t forget to comment, ask or share your pics. And invite your friends here too! I hope to see you around.