Hi there! I’m turning 5 next month… it’s a serious age, so I decided to do something challenging and start my own blog. I know my humans will support me, they’re very techies too 😉

I’ll come here as often as possible, ready to share lots of pics and experiences. I currently live in Dublin, it’s a wet but nice city in Ireland. It rains very often and the weather is not as good as it is in Spain, where I come from. But I like it equally! every time I heard “Lets go out” I run like a rocket no matter how much it’s raining. I love feeling the wet grass on my belly. Did I say I am a Scottish Terrier?

Not everything is happiness, I have Addison disease… it was a bit complicated in the beginning, but it’s more or less OK now.

I hope you like my stories and you send your pics and stories too 😀



That’s me taking a break while playing out (Woody – May 2016)