Weekend with friends

Woody around the wood house

Last weekend we enjoyed the Ballyhoura mountains with some friends 😁

Jack (Rhodesian Ridgeback) was very funny and active! He’s much bigger than me. But also younger, so he’s still a bit shy sometimes.

Woody and Jack playing inside

As in many mountains, there was a small river, with cold (freezing) water. Jack easily crossed the river a few times, back and forth simply jumping a couple of times…For me however it was much harder , too deep 😋

Woody doubting if it was worth going into the water

Jack is in the water… Who’s next?

Woody & Jack – There we go!

Woody & Jack – Someone’s faster

We had a little bit of rain (we’re in Ireland!) But also a few lovely sun rays 😎

Woody & Jack – It’s so nice to feel the sun

Woody – Exploring the forest

When you’re used to walk on city or parks. It’s amazingly nice to be immerged on pure nature. 

The air is the first thing that feels different. But then, there are so many things to smell, textures to feel on my paws and noises to enjoy.

Woody – Who’s coming there?

Woody – I hear something there

Woody – selfie! 🤳

After playing that much, it was time to relax…

Jack – I’m fine here!

Jack – Now, that’s life

Woody & Jack – lying on the carpet

Saturday morning was again more games, running, hunting (kind of), trying to cross the river, avoiding big muddy puddles… And receiving treats from the kids 😁

I’m an artist! 


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